GKUSTOMS Machine Shop started operating in April 2016 and it is located in Spata. It is staffed by personnel with many years of experience in the field of mechanical and metal construction.

Modern concept in the design and production of metal and plastic parts offer smart and cost-effective solutions to customers who want to make custom-made unique components or integrated mechanisms, as well as repair – transform existing ones.
In the premises of the workshop there are modern machineries, as well as all the necessary measuring instruments for quality control.

At the same time, it is possible to produce various types of items in 3D printer, polishing services, sandblasting and any task concerning welding or cutting works.For example, at the GKustoms workshop someone can order customized metal and plastic items, accessories and spare parts, regardless of material and quantity, more over to construct a complete stainless steel mechanisms or manufacture high-precision parts for cars, motorcycles, agriculture equipment, etc etc.Our core principle is the immediate, direct and integrated services in various industries, such as oil mills, winery, food, shipping, as well as private demands, offering high quality, precision and functional products.



• Metal processing
• Spare parts production
• Machineries construction.
• Manufacturing of Plastic components
• Production of metal components
• Mechanical works


• Axes,Shafts
• Inox Tanks
• Agricultural machinery components
• Boiler Parts
• Construction of certification mechanisms
• Construction of hydraulic press
• Light fixture construction


• Lathe, milling machines
• TIG-MIG welding machine
• Hydraulic press
• Drilling machine
• Plasma equipment
• Polishing equipment
• Quality control instruments


Olimpioniki Diadohou Konstantinou 4, Spata Artemidas, 190 04, Spata
Τelephone: +30210 6635851, +306947274663
Monday – Friday: 07:30 -18:00, Saturday: 07:30 – 15:00, Sunday : Closed